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U-HVAC welcomes you to our website. We cater to the various heating and air conditioning needs of our customers. It is our desire to assist you with the selection of high quality,Energy Star HVAC equipment that is sure to meet your heating and air conditioning needs while lowering your energy bills. It is our goal to help you to select the HVAC equipment that is best suited for your residential or commercial property.

From hot summers to frigid winters, U-HVAC has the experience to ensure that you obtain the HVAC equipment that is best for your environment. U-HVAC specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC equipment so that you can get the heating and cooling you need.

In addition to heating and air conditioning units, U-HVAC also offers thermostats, humidifiers and ventilation services. There are high quality thermostats available to help you achieve more efficient heating and cooling of your home. Our selection of humidifiers are perfect for those seeking additional moisture for the air in their homes. U-HVAC’s ventilation services are a great option for those that want more efficient heating and cooling through the installation of new ventilation systems or through air duct balancing of an existing ventilation system.

At U-HVAC, we are dedicated to helping our customers stay comfortable all year long with quality HVAC equipment and servicing.

Let U-HVAC assist you with all of your heating, cooling and ventilation needs. Contact us today at (224)-636-6376 for a free estimate.